it's a symptom of heart break (da_twisted_chic) wrote,
it's a symptom of heart break


Today, I'm goin to my friends house. it's her birthday today and my mom said it was alright cause she knows where she lives and she has her house number. I'm kinda bored cause I have nothin to doa for the next 2 hrs. and5 min. She's my best friend for life! My other friend elizabeth has a crush on this boy named tyrique. I asked her why she likes him and she said he's the best friend a person can ask for. I asked her what about me and eva? She said that we didn't count. I should've smacked her right off her feet. She's always calling us her bestfirends and then she goes and say something like that! I'm really bored here. I barely talk to anyone in my house. I'm a quiet person. I usually don't have anything to say to anyone. I don't know why Mel is always telling me storys about when he was little. If I'm in a good mood,then I enjoy his stories. If i'm in a bad mood I pretend tat I'm listening and I daydream about something else. Anyway, I've taking up a lot of writong space. Which I don't normally do. I'm goin to go now so bye!
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